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Author Topic: standstill  (Read 1074 times)
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terror firma
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« on: Sep 10, 2004, 07:23:55 PM »

anybody out there listen to standstill? they're a hardcore band from barcelona. they've been one of my favorite bands for the past few years, but nobody seems to be into them. i even make my friends listen who i think might like 'em, but every reception is tepid at best. anyways, i highly recommend them if you were ever into at the drive-in, or anything on level plane records, etc.

the point of this thread though was supposed to be me asking if anyone's heard their latest self-titled record which is all in spanish and was released only in spain. i'm tempted to shell out however many euros it'll cost to get it here, but i haven't heard any reviews or nothin. anybody? anyone?
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