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Dr. Bronner's does it again!

Dr. Bronner's does it again!

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Quote from: "John"

Quote from: "swilkes"

I bought a bottle of Dr. B's all-purpose cleaner, poured a bit of it straight, undiluted, onto the gum, and hallelujah!  


Dilute! Dilute! OK!


ahahahaha! funniest thing all day, right there.

JD, didn't you open an issue or article or something of LPTJ with that line once? That was awesome.

Yeah, Alpsnacks are awesome! I had the Dr. Bronner's corn chips once, and they were pretty incredible too. They never surfaced again, but my understanding is that the Alpsnack is being heavily promoted and will soon be in most natural food stores if it isn't already. They seriously are wicked good and have become my snack of choice for my midmorning break at school. They come in five flavors and cream Clif/Luna bars by a mile.

We totally broke our "only one carefully chosen bumper sticker" ("Vote Yes on Measure H!") rule to put a "Honk if You Shower with Dr. Bronner!" decal on Francesca's Camry. We haven't gotten any honks yet, though.

For the record, they had to pull that "douche with lemon juice to prevent babymaking" junk off of the soap bottles to avoid lawsuit action.

Also, DB just went fully organic. Kick-ass!

Finally, this is neither here nor there, but Dr. Bronner's is responsible for me making a new friend via Livejournal, my pal Dave who is studying to be a priest. He added me as a pal after deciding I was by far the most interesting person who listed DB as an interest. New buddies! All-one-God!

does anyone know anything about bioaccumulation and the good doctor's soap? (sorry to steer the thread where you knew it would eventually go, erin). i worked in a small new england community this summer, and the somewhat touchy artesian well provided delicious drinking water and flushed our toilets once in a while, but it couldn't really stand up the the stress of 50 people showering often.  soap swims were an encouraged alternative with doctor bronner's, and it warmed my cold heart to see everyone respecting resrouces.  but.  (there's always a but, yeah?) i developed paranoia over the cumulative ecological effect of all that soap going into the lake.

Dr. Bronner's is made right here in Milwaukee, and I've met a couple members of the Bronner family (although this was before I moved here).  Ralph Bronner is a pretty cool guy and he came into the store I was working at (this little hippie type soap/incense/clothing/jewlery) store with a guitar and started playing two chord songs to an audience of approximately two people.  He had a lot of really great stories about all sorts of things, but his stories about working with Patch Adams were particularly great.  But anyway, this doesn't really have anything to do with anything.

I didn't know that they made snack items though.  That's neat.

Quote from: "John"

Really I think in some ways Dr. Bronner was the most complete & guileless radical since Emma Goldman.

It's interesting to note that the good Doctor was a rabid anti-communist.  Of course, this makes sense, given the face of capital "C" Communism over the last almost-a-century.  But yeah, the Dr. Brunner's Magic Soaps company is all about "constructive capitalism," which I'm not completely sure about, although it's certainly much much better than regular ol' capitalism.


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