>> Recently I got back into an old bad habit I thought I’d dropped: I started hanging out on Usenet. To me, at least, it is still a fascinating place. I’m not sure what cross-section of the public is represented by Usenet; I’m not even sure how many people still know what Usenet is. The webmonster, with whom I share close quarters, cried out in pain when she caught me at the newsgroups again, as she remembers what it was like when I used to spend an ungodly amount of time reading a few groups, mainly religious or sports-related ones. After a while it got pretty hard to pull me away from the computer. I’d’ve gotten myself into a spirited discussion/bare-knuckle brawl over such vital questions as the importance of disciplic succession in the Hindu bhakti cult or the superiority of the Oakland Raiders to all other football teams, and I’d be staring into the screen into the small hours of the morning.


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