Well, on the one hand, language purists like me think that reading about music doesn’t require any knowledge of the music being written about. On the other hand, practical people like my friend Sam have often complained that they feel lost when they read about music they’ve never heard of in Last Plane to Jakarta. There is a possibility, however slim, that the labels I eventually get around to contacting will do right by the listneing public and say “Sure! Put up an R Kelly MP3 -- who’s it gonna hurt?” More likely, they’ll ask me for money or something, and then I will laugh a long, satisfying but ultimately empty laugh from deep in my being, because there is no money around here as far as I can tell, and it’s not like I haven’t looked. Under the cushions, behind the couch: I have looked. There is no money. But the possibility remains that at some point there will be sound files on this page. Until that time, this page will be reserved for random copyright-free MP3s of worthwhile listens or occasional free-floating rants like the one you’ve been reading until now.    
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