Worst, most embarassing trope in all rock mythos, hands-down: "rock 'n' roll heaven." As in, "If there's a rock 'n' roll heaven, they must have one helluva band!" It is enough to make you wanna claw your eyes out, only that'll still leave you with your ears, and so if you keep the wrong company you'll still have to hear people waxing rhapsodic about Jimi and Janis and John and Jim, and also Buddy Holly, as well as Mama Cass and whoever else rocked out and is now dead, all sharing some grand celestial stage, Rock And Roll Hall of Fame Induction-Night Style. My problems with this trope are part rooted in doctrine (there is no electricity in the afterlife, what to speak of ego, without which there are no rock bands) and part aesthetic objection (all-star jams are only marginally less painful to the listener than amplified digital distortion). The whole thing smacks of the butterfly kisses. If you wanna lead a sastisfying interior life you'll wanna steer well clear of the butterfly kisses.


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