It made me angry. I think R Kelly's the best singer this country has produced since Sam Cooke, and that he is presently at the height of his powers; his ear for production has always been keen, and the kettle drum sound here has got to be heard to be believed. His feel for a song's development is a thing of rare beauty, and the gospel choir behind him in the chorus is rich and huge and magnificent, and so on and so forth. But I, meanwhile, have had right about enough of Christianity in all its forms, and would prefer that I be allowed to muddle through my days with as little exposure to it as possible. So when he got to the line "I accepted Christ that day" in the third or fourth verse of "U Saved Me," I very nearly switched the station. "Fuck this," I thought to myself. The last thing in which I'm interested is an entertainer who, in deep legal shit, embraces Christianity in the hopes of rallying his base.


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