All right, now, get this. Some months ago Misra sends me Destroyer’s dreadfully titled Streethawk: A Seduction. Because I like the guy from Misra, I violate my own policy and give the one-sheet the once-over. I learn that, one, Destroyer is New Pornographer Dan Bejar’s band, and they’ve made a couple of records before this one, and that everybody loves ‘em. I look through the press kit and it’s true: a lot of people who’ve written about Destroyer say they’re great. And it just so happens that I’m feeling introspective or something on this particular day and so I check myself, and I say: “Never you mind that somebody else found out about it first,” and I give it a spin, and it’s completely excellent. I reviewed it on a website I was writing for and ranted about it to anybody who entered the house, and it became one of those CDs that never leaves the changer; when one disc ended, there was always at least a one-in-five chance that the next thing you’d hear was the gloriously fey, overwhelmingly affected sound of Daniel Bejar inclining his face toward a Popper Stopper in a studio somewhere in Canada and singing: “Hey girl! Come and take a whirl in my ma....chine!”

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