Which is great, actually, once you get used to it, because Audiogalaxy has this one minor feature that has led me to the practice of frogponding. Here’s what it’s about: if you run a search on an artist’s name, Audiogalaxy will bring up a list of songs by that artist; sometimes the list will run to several pages, depending on the popularity of the artist you’ve named. At the top of the first page, underneath the artist’s name, there’ll be a few genre names by which the artist’s music might be described (“polka,” “folk,” “ambient death”), and beneath those there’ll be a phrase that begins “other listeners liked” and continues with the names of a few artists. Amazon does this, too, but who’s willing to chance dropping fifteen bucks on a whole album based solely on a stranger’s unsolicited (and, really, unoffered, since you only know that they bought it: not that they liked it) recommendation? In Audiogalaxy, though, the cool thing is that the “other listeners liked” names appear as live links that lead to new searches on those artists’ names. Frogponding, then, is the practice of grabbing one song from the results of your initial search, and then clicking on one of the “other listeners liked” names, and continuing in this way until you have a nice collection of new songs to play with.
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