X-Ecutioners? Aren’t they a hip-hop act? Click. From the looks of it, yes; they have songs with titles like “The Turntablist Anthem,” “Get Retarded,” and “Scratch to This.” They also have something called “Genius of Love 2002 (Featuring Tom Tom Club & Biz Markie),” and they’ve got to be kidding about that, but there’s only one way to find out, since the Clear Channel owns half the radio stations in the country and Westwood One owns the rest. Click. We are nearly the victim of some careless spelling at this point, since the “other listeners liked” field lists “x ecutiones,” “the x-ecutioners,” and “xecutioners,” all which might look not like variant spellings of the same act but completely unrelated artists to you if you were a search engine. As luck would have it, though, a few other listeners liked Nappy Roots.

Nappy Roots? Nappy Roots? The people who do “Awnaw”? Oh, hell yes. Do I care what else they do besides the magnificent, honey-smooth “Awnaw”? I think not. Click.
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