How did the X-Ecutioners, whose track really did feature the immortal Biz Markie rapping over “Genius of Love,” wind up on the “other listeners also liked” of a Virgin Prunes search? I don’t know. I don’t care. I made the trek from drawing-room goth experimentation to the dirty south in three moves. Wanna see something even cooler? A band I’m enjoying rather a lot lately is Clem Snide, whose song “Moment in the Sun” is a nicely low-key piece of cutting satire. Searching on their name, I find that other listeners also liked Elliot Smith and Nick Drake. Since I know that a Nick Drake search will lead to a lot of songs marked “Volkswagon Commercial,” which will depress me, I click on Elliot Smith. Other listeners also liked Leonard Cohen, and so do I, so that’s the route I go. People who liked Leonard Cohen also liked Nick Cave, Ich Troje, Tom Waits, and Bajm. Wait a minute: who? Choosing between Ich Troje and Bajm involves a coinflip, after which I learn that people who dug Ich Troje were also fond of Stachursky, Budka Suflera, and Rysard Rynkowski. This last artist listed has 714 songs available through Audiogalaxy.
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