The second song on Amnesiac is of course “Pyramid Song,” which was the subject of much scrutiny on its release. It was the first single; it had been, if not a staple of recent live shows, then a welcome and occasional component of them; its lyrics were easy to catch and easy to follow, if not terrifically easy to take; it had a video. Most importantly, while the album-opening “Packt Like Sardines in a Crushd Tin Box” shares some of Kid A’s deep suspicion of the pure songcraft, “Pyramid Song” is most assuredly a proper song. At any rate it sounds like one. Our opinion on this question is that “Pyramid Song” is actually a hand reaching out of a rabbit hole proffering delicious candy, only the candy is drugged and there are no rabbits in the hole: just ghosts and the promise of bad times ahead.

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- LPTJ -
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