Well, yes, it can be that way; it is. Michael Jackson, who is whiter than I am -- and I live in Iowa -- held a press conference in Harlem this week. I repeat: Michael Jackson. In Harlem. With the reverend Al Sharpton standing at his side. At this press conference, Michael Jackson made the surprising claim that corporate racism was to blame for recent album Invincible’s disappointing sales.There are pictures of the event; they feature Mr. Jackson comparing Sony president Tommy Mottola to Satan; in this house these pictures work on us like Poe’s raven, blotting out sensible thought with their all-drowning, all-attractive siren call. Michael Jackson’s claim is that Tommy Mottola doesn’t like him because, wait for it, he’s black. Given what we know about reality & the science of probability, it stands to reason that this press conference was either

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