But these are academic points. This has got to be Sony’s fault, doesn’t it, somehow or other? Surely it must. While Rap-A-Lot, the Geto Boys’ label, was an entirely indie affair in the righteous rap cassette tradition, and while their distribution was through Priority, a California-based label that built an empire around selling 12” singles out of cars parked at street corners, yet I am certain that this is somehow Sony’s fault. First they only pump twenty-five mil into Invincible, and then they neglect Willie Dee’s solo album for upwards of twelve years. Don’t let them get away with this. Write to them and tell them what you think of this blatantly racist refusal to promote worthwhile artists. Demand higher radio exposure for songs like “5th Ward” and “Kick That S...” and don’t take “no” for an answer. And if you do get an answer, let us know, would you? We are eager to hear how the giant responds to the true voice of the public sounding out loud and clear.

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