And yet Controversy not only gets passed over on those VH-1 “Top 100 Albums of All Time” round-table discussions -- it never gets mentioned anywhere by anybody. This stinks of conspiracy and I don’t mind saying so. The beats are still fresh, twelve years later; Dee’s rapping barrels ahead like a tank, never pretending to know anything about lagging behind the beat or running ahead of it, unlike all these poseurs who pass for artists in 2002, who talk real fast and hope that clueless critics will waste big words like “polyrhythms” trying to look like they know what they’re talking about: which is exactly what will usually happen; the songs are practically all aces until the album runs out of steam, which, admittedly, isn’t toward the end of it but less than halfway through (on the song “Trip Across From Mexico,” to be precise, of which no sense can be made by anyone, anywhere, ever), at which point the going gets pretty difficult -- I challenge all but the sturdiest of men to make it through “Bald Headed Hoes,” an anti-hair-extension song, without wincing visibly.

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