Of course, he wasn’t in the Geto Boys yet when he made Controversy, which explains why the lead-off track, “Do It Like a G.O.,” is the same song that the Geto Boys released on their self-titled 1990 album on Def Jam. He was, apparently, just another guy with a crazy dream. Except that unlike most guys with crazy dreams, Willie Dee’s dream involved

1) Out “motherfucker”ing NWA’s motherfucker-drenched benchmark Straight Outta Compton by a factor of at least 3:2

2) Actually working social issues into his raps instead of just threatening to “drop science” every three or four verses without ever actually saying anything

3) Expressing these social issues in the crudest & loudest terms possible, as in the case of the chorus from Controversy’s second song: “Motherfuck a KKK”

4) Writing a song in which he gets to say “pussy” no fewer than sixty-eight times

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